In 2001 United Kingdom, a great cultural project "Japan 2001" was held throughout the year, welcoming Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito and Prince of Wales as the honorary presidents of the project. This large project aimed a development of an intimate cultural exchange and a communication between Japan and United Kingdom moreover, an introduction of various Japanese culture to the citizens of UK.
On the date of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th 2001, as the part of this memorable project opening event, the Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu shrine sacred Yabusame ritual ceremony was performed at London Hyde Park and the ceremony was observed by Prince Naruhito and Prince of Wales.
There were almost 2 hundred thousands audiences coming and watching the Yabusame.
3 honorable archers as the main servants of the Great Shinto God perfectly shot 100% 3 targets.
Following the ritual Yabusame ceremony performed by 3 main archers, dressing themselves in full formal hunting outfits of the Samurai warriors in the Kamakura era over 800 years ago, 12 archers in casual hunting outfits of the Edo style also presented a modified Yabusame called "Kisya-Hasamimono" and succeeded in shooting over 90% of 3 targets.

The audiences were really enchanted by this spectacular equestrian archery ceremony.
Besides the excellent and best effort made by the magnificent archers, being given a great opportunity to present the Yabusame, a symbol of the Japanese martial arts in a knightly country, such as United Kingdom is very significant point to be mentioned in the history of the Ogasawara school.
Crown Prince Naruhito and Prince of Wales both expressed a strong interest in a difference of the Japanese Yabusame from English horse riding, how to ride on the horses in the Yabusame style, the difference of horse riding style derived from the Japanese saddles and eastern ones, how to shoot arrows precisely on rapid horseback and what they had been most impressed by was the beauty of the Ogasawara propriety during the ritual ceremony.
Yhese cultural differences fascinated the princes of both countries.
A true international understanding could be encouraged by a communication of a spiritual culture between Japan, the country of martial spirits and United Kingdom, the knightly country through the Yabusame ceremony.